ResiCAT Clinical Coding Audit Tool
Audit Reports2020-08-21T14:07:08+10:00

Audit Reports at the click of a button

The ability to instantly produce a variety of audit reports is one of the outstanding features of ResiCAT.

Whether you want to report on individual data items, auditor throughput, DRG changes, WIES, NWAU or coding queries, you can do so at the click of a button at any time during the audit process.

Click on the names of the audit reports in the list below to open a description of what each report contains.

ResiCAT Audit Reports
Audit Summary Report2020-08-21T14:02:28+10:00

Gives a summary of the progress of the audit and its findings. Provides a snapshot of how many episodes have been audited, types of coding errors and reasons for errors.

Auditor Throughput Report2020-06-05T15:14:16+10:00

Presents a summary of the volume of records audited by the auditor or auditors. The report will count only those episodes that have been marked as complete.

Errors Report2020-06-05T15:14:09+10:00

Allows examination of the error type and the reason for the error. The report can be run by either Error Type (eg incorrect principal diagnosis) or Reason for Error (eg Australian Coding Standards).

Dataset Listing Report2020-06-05T15:13:57+10:00

The dataset listing report allows a report sorted by the terminal digit number, standard numerical or discharge date. The reasoning for this is if the records to be audited are paper, it makes it easier to pull them from a file for the administrative staff. Some auditors also like to have a paper copy of the records to be audited of the dataset as a doublecheck.

Audit Detail Report2020-08-21T13:53:35+10:00

The Audit Detail Report exports into Excel and lists all the data items uploaded from the hospital system and entered by the auditor, which makes it useful for data extraction and manipulation.

DRG Report2020-06-05T15:13:45+10:00

The DRG report lists a summary of the coding audit including the number of episodes audited, the number of episodes where a DRG changed, the total number of episodes with one or more errors, total coding errors, as well as giving a summary at the bottom which lists the reason for DRG changes.

DRG Change Type Report2020-06-05T15:13:39+10:00

This report provides a summary of the types of errors that have caused DRG change, eg principal diagnosis error, additional diagnosis error, procedure code error, administration item error or other issue.

DRG Change Reason Report2020-06-05T15:13:34+10:00

This report provides a summary of the episodes listing all reasons for DRG changes, eg. Non-compliance with Australian Coding Standards or coding conventions, transcription error, local code rule, non-compliance with ratified advice, process/administrative issue, IT system issue or other reason.

Output File2019-06-21T03:32:57+10:00

The Output File contains the original data as per the original dataset with an audited column for each criteria contained in the dataset.

NWAU Export2020-06-05T15:13:24+10:00

The NWAU report gives you the National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU) value for the audited episodes. It can calculate the NWAU based upon the state, remoteness, hospital and paed flags.

Incomplete Report2020-06-05T15:13:16+10:00

The Incomplete Report gives a listing of all the episodes that have been audited including the records that are grouped, incomplete and unaudited.

Episode Fields Report2020-06-05T15:13:09+10:00

This report provides a report for each of the episode fields. there are a number of reports which are available to select, including Admission date, Admission time, Discharge date, Discharge Time, DOB, gender, Care Type, HITH days, MV Hours, ICU Hours, Admission Weight, Leave Days, Mental Health Legal Status, Mode of Separation, Admission Source, Admission Type, Criterion of Admission, Indigenous, Funding source and WIES value.

Query Report2020-06-05T15:12:20+10:00

This report provides a summary report for each of the clinician queries outstanding.

Victorian Prefix Report2020-06-05T15:12:14+10:00

Victorian clients only. This report provides a summary of all of the differences in prefixes allocated in all episodes.

Data Item Report2020-06-05T15:12:08+10:00

This report provides a summary of all the changes to all the data items audited.

WIES Change Report2020-06-05T15:12:01+10:00

Victorian clients can report monthly on the total WIES found and the total POTENTIAL WIES ie. records awaiting query replies.

Coder Report2020-06-05T15:11:55+10:00

This report allows you to look at the audit results of each individual coder if desired.

Administrative Data Item Changes Report2020-06-05T15:11:49+10:00

A report based on any administrative data items you may audit.

Hospital Defined Fields2020-06-05T15:11:41+10:00

Report on any Hospital Defined Fields you have included in your audit.

VAED Report2020-08-21T14:12:01+10:00

Victorian clients only. The VAED Report provides a summary of the coding error categories and the total counts for each category.

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