ResiCAT Product Features

This snapshot of ResiCAT product features shows you why ResiCAT is the perfect clinical coding auditing tool for you!

Coding sample choice by DRG, code or coder ID with any date range

Inclusion of a random sampler to extract viable sample population reflecting hospital activity

Can use any grouper type and/or DRG version

Hospital defined fields allow you to audit any data outside the regular data extract or audit your documentation at the same time

Graph your results at the click of a button

Extensive reporting capabilities, including audit summary, DRG, prefix report to identify HAC

Audit trail to track the auditor and audit process for verification of the results

Choice of closed or open audit process

Validations on all data and audited codes

Audit of condition onset flags and prefixes

Ability to change and add error categories to your unique specifications

Hosted on an Australian server with advanced data security

ResiCAT features